Workbooks: The Benefits of Practice, Practice Practice!

You read to your child,  view educational videos, interact with digital devices — so what else can you do to facilitate intellectual growth?

Learning is a continual process, and though children learn through various mediums,  practice is a vital component to get the wheels turning. Workbooks are an essential everyday teaching tool in any Intellectual Space, or in other words, your dedicated learning area in your home.

After gaining knowledge through reading, games, lectures, or video, using a workbook that supplements instructional material provides your child the opportunity to gain additional practice.

Workbooks can…

  • Reinforce material through practice and application!
  • Bolster your child’s ability to think critically!
  • Boost the necessary mega-learning skills (organize, study, abstract, and communicate) to increase intellect!

Engaging, challenging, and fun, workbooks are designed to:

  • Allow children to learn through experience and exercise their independence, building curiosity and confidence.
  • Provide your child with the opportunity to identify patterns, systems, and cycles to understand relationships about the material they have just learned, resulting in greater comprehension.
  • Make discoveries and invent new ways of applying information.

Workbooks are transportable and inexpensive and can be used as a tool to teach necessary skills, build on skills already taught within the classroom, or keep your child engaged when school is not in session. With these everyday learning tools, children have the ability to practice applying skills and knowledge for a variety of subjects, including language arts, science, math, and social studies.

If you would like a recommendation for a subject-specific workbook, please email books@theintellectualchild.com.






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