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The Alphabet Crisis

The Alphabet Knowledge Crisis
Many kindergarten students seem to be doing well in school, but in reality, are struggling with their early literacy development. Kindergarten data suggests that many kindergarteners do not know essential alphabet principles like letter naming or identifying the difference between lower and uppercase letters. Some children also have difficulty writing letters or spelling three to four-letter words when guided.

Learning Loss: Strategies to Accelerate Reading Skills and Boost Test Scores

Whether from summer vacation, a lack of practice, or a variety of circumstances outside of their control, students often experience learning loss throughout their educational career.

Why You Should Organize Your Child’s Books by Genre

Most parents understand how crucial it is for children to be exposed to books and related learning materials at an early age.

The Mega-Learning Skill Approach

In today’s society, children need a strong academic background to do well in school and beyond. Children that struggle with reading, organization, and learning new information will have difficulty mastering content as they continue their academic career.

Developing Your Child’s Metacognitive Skills

To help your child become a better problem-solver, critical thinker, and learner, it helps them develop their metacognitive skills.

Building Literacy through Diverse Texts

When it comes to helping your child build his understanding of literature and language, the type of reading material you share with him or her matters. In order to develop early literacy, he or she needs exposure to different categories of books. 


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