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As I gathered information and researched, I concluded that every child needs diverse learning skills before attending school. They need to see the world conceptually and draw meaning from every experience, whether a field trip, imaginary adventure through play, or unfamiliar words. In other words, children need a critical foundation to know how to "learn" and use this conceptual foundation to form background knowledge.

As my first lesson, I discovered that the capacity to learn comes well before in-school instruction. Thus, I wanted to know more about how children read and learn and how I can help my children perceive this highly complex world.

I discovered that language development and my children's ability to organize and understand its elements were critical. I also recognized that learning occurs at every stage, from birth to toddler to child. Moreover, children develop skills to organize, study, abstract, and communicate new learnings through language at each step.  

This company is my journey with three children at each learning stage. Since my oldest child was struggling to hear and, in turn, could not read well at the age of 10, I decided to homeschool all three of my children.

We took on the world of books and knowledge acquisition through diverse academic subjects, language skills, especially early reading, like phonics and parts of speech, and conceptual development. We called this our big-picture approach. We also took a step back from traditional schooling and began to discover learning in a more significant systematic way at home. We used the patterns, systems, or cycles that seem to show up as we begin to study various subjects and, from that approach, really begin to untangle complex lessons and devise big-picture thinking.

My children and I created learning solutions to tackle complex tasks using our version of learning standards that were too tedious for homeschooling. We settled on a big-picture approach to develop the skills we used the most. We deemed our standard of learning tools as the mega reading and learning skills, meaning thinking bigger than meta-skills, which ask one to think about one's thinking. Meta-thinking was challenging with a struggling reader who did not understand what he should think about. So, our lessons always started with how the author organizes the text or subject, usually through the genre, book features, text features, and academic vocabulary. These areas were then studied, and the kids would share connecting concepts and communicate how the connections were related within the subject and with other books we read.

Our tools, Organize, Study, Abstract, and Communicate, became (OSAC skills). This method allowed us to think critically, problem-solve, and develop new ideas throughout homeschooling and beyond. I know you are saying that sounds too complicated, so please know I wrote everything down, and in some form of communication, all of our thinking sits on the website, The Intellectual BookShop. It is our contribution to the work of education at home or school. It's our, my kids, and I's way of overcoming challenges like ensuring all of my publications have instructions on the lesson organization, why to study, how to draw meaning, and communicate what one should know. And as you can see, every component is based on organizing, studying, abstracting, and communication. We recognize learning standards remain critical, so we hope most discovery lessons are embedded with or can be aligned to standards as needed.

Stay tuned for future publications based on our work. In the meantime, please navigate the site to find my Thought Papers, blogs, and newsletters for solutions you can use immediately. Most importantly, please visit The Intellectual Bookshop to continue our tradition of lifelong learning through books.

No matter the learning stage, mega-learning skills can deepen a student's comprehension capacity. Join The Intellectual Classroom for training or listen to my "Info Talks on Reading and  Learning" to discover more about using OSAC skills and other practical learning solutions. As an educator or parent, you may be further along in your teaching skills; consequently, feel free to skip through the talks to find a solution that best fits your needs. Most of all, work with me directly by clicking the link here

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