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With new demands in high-stakes testing and nationwide standards, school leaders and teachers face major shifts within instructional delivery. Teachers experience the most significant impact after blended learning, small group instruction, and differentiated instruction.

From teaching and content frameworks to common core learning standards, building a productive classroom environment is highly demanding. It requires high expectations, clear routines, behavior management, and proper classroom organization. Teachers are busier than ever and need an easy-to-follow template that incorporates students' needs and the administration's requests. 

Teachers also often feel overwhelmed with the demands and may ask questions like the following:

  • What teaching tools align my unit and lesson planning to the new learning standards?
  • Where do I find text that aligns with each standard?
  • What quick instructional strategies can administrators observe?
  • What about differentiated instruction for diverse or advanced learners?
  • How do I incorporate small group instruction?
  • How do I push students well beyond the expected data targets?
  • How do I integrate all of these demands?
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