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Student-Focused Coaching in Reading and Math

The Intellectual Classroom's academic tutoring is a comprehensive approach that supports Pre-K through Grade 8 students with in-school or after-school tutoring services in reading developed by Dr. Dames, the lead consultant.

The Classroom Provides:

  • Customized tutoring solutions
  • Rigorous math practice using incremental learning strategies
  • Focused reading lessons to build comprehension skills
  • Teacher training
  • Principal leadership-professional development

With a team of experienced academic coaches, we use research-based tools and best practices to analyze stress areas and specific data metrics. Once the analysis is complete, we develop custom solutions and interventions to improve students' academic performance in reading

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Improved Student Academic Performance in Reading and Math

Academic Coaching Solutions: Reading 

Foundation Skills • Vocabulary • Conceptual Understanding

Reading to Learn is an academic approach focusing on the critical foundation skills needed for reading comprehension. Guided by academic coaches using the research-based Reading to Learn interactive lessons, students work towards increasing their independent reading time.

Academic Coaching

Students participate in scheduled coaching sessions with access to a digital or print library of leveled text. This increased independent reading at home and school allows young intellectuals to explore more books and subject areas in depth. These interactive lessons build up crucial foundational content knowledge, vocabulary acquisition, and conceptual understanding. The results? Reading comprehension skills improve dramatically. 

Reading Sessions

Independent reading prepares students to tackle complex text structures, understand technical academic terms, and navigate dense ideas.

Assessment Cycles

Data trends show significant growth levels in reading scores. 

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Academic Coaching Solutions: Math

Rigor • Practice • Incremental Strategies

Mastering Math Problems is an academic approach focused on rigorous math tasks and incremental practice. After all, confronting challenging math problems and understanding number sense is essential to student success. 

Academic Coaching

Academic coaching uses intentional learning strategies to help students decipher rigorous math tasks. Students learn critical math foundational content, theoretical terms, and techniques that help solve complex math problems.

Math Sessions

Through digital and print access, students practice these mathematical skills.

Assessment Cycles

With interim assessment results aligned to practice lessons, coaches target stress areas with incremental math strategies to resolve misconceptions in real time. Ultimately, we aim to develop thriving, well-trained mathematicians with a master of advanced math skills across all content areas. 

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Coaching Features for Families

While the Intellectual Classroom's academic coaching program partners with schools to provide in-class support and tutoring services, our analysis work also examines how teacher instruction, professional development, and family involvement impact learning. After all, student success depends on a highly responsive partnership between school and home. 

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Academic Resources for Math & Reading

Program Details

The Intellectual Classroom's academic coaching approach provides directed small group and individualized instruction two to four times weekly for approximately 19 weeks. The time allotted for each session depends on each school's work scope. With data from assessments and classroom work assignments as guides, each session focuses on common skill areas. Academic coaches design weekly math and reading instruction with aligned tasks to shift student performance positively. Ongoing cycles of practice and assessment allow coaches to monitor and track student progress. Of course, our academic coaches are experienced educators across reading and math content areas

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  • The Intellectual Classroom Academic Coaching, Reading to Learn Series


  • The Intellectual Classroom Academic Coaching, Mastering Math Problems Supportive Materials

Assesment Tools

  • Summative Benchmark and Diagnostics Data: Measuring Up Live for Math and Reading

  • Formative Data: Sadlier and Simple Solutions Assesments


To assure student achievement, our coaches regularly generate and review data reports from the reading and math formative and summative assesment tools

Academic Coaching

Data results determine lesson objectives such as students need to address content gaps or level-up students who are advancing faster.

Math and Reading Content

Since content and pace drive these performance outcomes, coaches use real-time data to differenciate each student's learning plan. 

Our Coaches

Coaches adjust weekly instructional sessions as needed. Then, to monitor real progress, coaches and students set grade-level or post-grade-level performance goals. Most importantly, coaches also share feedback and academic data with teachers and parents during designated meetings. As noted, data review is the most critical aspect of monitoring student progress. 


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