Intellectual Bookshop's Learning Guides for Grades PreK-2

1. The Reading Planner (Coming Soon!)

Books that Shape the Intellectual Child for Grades PreK - 2

Book cover for READING PLANNER grades prek-2Building a Personal Library for Home or School

Reading without question plays an instrumental role for children to excel academically and in life. The first goal then is to develop curiosity early on in kids at home. After all, reading is the best way to build a foundation of learning and readiness for school. To maintain curiosity, in-home Intellectual Spaces, Intellectual Classrooms, and genre-based libraries engage young scholars in reading. No matter a child’s developmental stage, building a personal library is essential for developing an enthusiasm for learning.

How can genre-specific books help?

  • Reading a variety of books daily enhances language development in babies.
  • Building a list of favorite books encourages early conversation in toddlers.
  • Developing a strong subject-specific knowledge base will be useful for class discussions, assignments, and rigorous testing.

In-home and classroom libraries should consist of books, workbooks, and lab supplies that cover a range of subjects and genres. The Intellectual BookShop offers a full line of genre-specific books and materials to keep young intellectuals engaged in learning.


2. Teach Me How To Read (Coming Soon!)

Show Me. Ask Me. Now Let Me. For Grades PreK-2.

Teach Me How to Read learning guide book coverLet’s Ensure Complete Mastery of Foundational Skills

The art of intellectual education starts as early as possible. The first stages of language and reading development require a strong vocabulary and conceptual understanding. Through our genre-based personal library and lessons, children master alphabet principles, increase their vocabulary, and build critical background knowledge.

The Teach Me How to Read learning guide provides an instructional model that ensures every child will learn to read and write proficiently.




3. Teach Me How To Learn (Coming Soon!)

Show Me. Ask Me. Now Let Me. For Grades PreK-2.

Teach Me How to Learn PreK-2 book coverDevelop Concept-based Mega-Learning Skills for Independent Reading

Through a concept-based reading process called mega-learning, Teach Me How to Learn, shows young intellectuals how to connect the relationships between genrespecific content using history, geography, and language development skills. As conceptual understanding develops early on, our youngest readers deploy mega learning components, or organizational, study, abstraction, and communication (OSAC) skills, to build their vocabulary and background knowledge. Once mega learning is activated, metacognitive thinking, such as comprehension and critical reading skills, are further enhanced to improve academic performance.



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