Ready to use BookStacks impact academic success beyond reading readiness.

Why Start with History, Geography, and Language Arts?

The Intellectual BookShop recommends that young intellectuals gain conceptual understanding and skill mastery in the core content areas—and the reading order drives how history, geography, and language develop into critical reading and thinking. Our goal is that young readers learn how to organize information conceptually by studying these core content areas. Young intellectuals can abstract and communicate critical ideas and word meaning well beyond reading readiness expectations. A conceptual understanding will boost teaching and learning as students see how geography, history, and language development are connected. These foundational genres are dubbed "super genres." And reading across these three genres will encourage broader studies on other topics and reading categories.


Geography Bookstack for Babies
Geography Bookstack for Toddlers
Geography Bookstack for Children


History Bookstack for Babies
History  Bookstack for Toddlers
History  Bookstack for Children


Language Bookstack for Babies
Language Bookstack for Toddlers
Language Bookstack for Children

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