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My story:

My commitment to books and language development arose from my vision of a child who no longer struggles to learn. My hope comes from personal experience with my children, each of whose infant years was clouded by hearing issues. My then-4-year-old son was affected more severely than his two sisters. Difficulties with auditory processing caused him to have significant learning delays. As a result, I became the "Intellectual Mommy."

I gathered every resource I could find — websites, news clips, books, toys, educational tech devices, health tips, nutrition guides, and more — and the journey was intense. I then created a small learning environment (now called our Intellectual Space) to house all our books and materials. Every day, I introduced my children to new experiences and encouraged them to think, learn, and write about them. I knew they were brilliant and determined to allow them to discover their intellects.

As my efforts and those of my children began to pay off, I knew I had to share these learning solutions with other parents and educators. The Intellectual Brand is a compilation of our journey toward knowledge — presented through quality books, resources, guides, and videos. Today, all three of my children are in college and anticipate careers where they will continue their love of learning.

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Kathy Dames, Founder & CEO

My background

Dr. Dames holds a doctorate in educational administration. Her mission is to help parents and educators improve children's academic performance from birth to age 14. A dedicated professional, she develops innovative methods that allow children to excel — academically and well beyond the school years.

For 20 years, Kathy worked in all levels of education, from kindergarten through college, creating educational and resource development programs that enrich learning abilities. Her extensive knowledge and experience, including homeschooling her three children, makes her uniquely qualified to impact the resource gaps that challenge our educational system. She currently works as a consultant with a focus on improving classroom instruction.


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The Intellectual BookShop is an independent educational publisher and resource company committed to providing simple learning solutions for use at home or school.


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