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Intellectual education is intense at infancy as babies explore the world with their senses and ideas begin to shape. Babies build knowledge by organizing, studying, and observing related objects.

The art of intellectual education should start as early as possible. At the toddler stage, we approach the first stages of intellectual education by building a strong word base and cognitive skills.

At this stage, children read and write to deepen their intellectual base of information or background knowledge. They connect patterns and cycles using mega-learning skills.

Dr. Kathy Dames

Expert Dr. Kathy Dames

With over 20 years of professional experience and personal experience homeschooling three children, Dr. Dames understands the importance of building children's background knowledge to improve academic performance. Dr. Dames advises parents and educators on the most effective study guides, books, products and services to stimulate intellectual growth at all stages of development.

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Intellectual Reports

Follow Dr. Kathy's blog, Magalog, newsletter, and Info talks, where she breaks down critical learning concepts from her books, thought papers, and coaching.

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Intellectual Mommy

Enjoy guides for parents and educators chock full of informative articles and product spotlights.

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Intellectual Classroom

Dr. Dames conducts fee-based training to customize learning solutions for children, parents, and educators using publications and other resources.

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Thought Papers

Learn about the thorough academic research that is the basis for all of the Intellectual Classroom's teachings.

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Reading Books Raises Test Scores



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Grade Level

Discover books at every grade level here. Whether you’re looking for something fun and entertaining or educational, we have it all in one place.

Includes PreK - Grade 8

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Leveled Reader

Children learn better when they’re reading books that match their abilities. Discover how your children can grow with their books here.

Includes Levels A-Z

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Genre and Reading Category

Shop from our four reading categories -- Prose Fiction, Social Science, Humanities and Natural Sciences. 

Includes Over 60+ Curated Book Lists

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Phonics and Decodable Books

Letters, sounds, vowels, and blends all build phonic skills to read and test well.

Phonics and Decodable Books

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The Intellectual BookShop is an independent educational publisher and resource company committed to providing simple learning solutions for use at home or school.


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